All Saints Day

Dear friends,
On Sunday in our celebration of All Saints Day we remembered, along with others, eight members of our Central community who died during the past year. We lit candles for Tom Gyori, Joyce Roys, Bob Doversberger, Bob Kern, Frisco Gilchrist, Curtis Burhannon, Barbara Williamson, and Walter White. People who lived long and full lives and who touched many of us and many others with their kindness, thoughtfulness, humility and humor. We remembered also parents, friends, children, and spouses whose lives enriched our own and who taught us more about being human.
That cloud of witnesses has stayed with me through this challenging week in the life of our country. I have felt a mix of emotions and heard from others of their fear or disappointment at the results of the presidential election.  Others I know feel that the right choice was made but are dismayed at the continuing bitterness and division. And then there are the reports we’ve heard of incidents in which Muslims have been assaulted or racist graffiti written.
We do not all agree in our political choices.  But surely we can agree on the values of our faith that we share: compassion, mercy, justice, peace, dignity, love. And then I hope we can work together to live out these values in the public arena, standing by and with people who are mistreated and abused, and continuing to listen across the divides, as difficult as that may be.

Within what is a hard week for many of us, we celebrate that the referendum to expand public transportation was approved by Marion County voters.  Our work through IndyCAN was part of the effort to create improved opportunities for people to get to work, to school, to the doctor, and so on. What a positive difference it will make for our community, and what a beautifully concrete expression of our faith.
I’m glad to be sharing this journey with you. Hope to see you Sunday.