Children's Sabbath

So much goes on in our world that it is hard to keep up, and hard to stay focused on what happened yesterday or the day before. So I want to highlight something that has happened recently, so that I do not forget and we do not forget.

Hurricane Matthew has ripped through the Caribbean and the southeastern part of the United States in recent days. In Haiti, over one thousand people have died and tens of thousands have been displaced. The numbers affected in Cuba and the U.S. are fewer, but still overwhelming.

As Disciples, we are already responding. Our Week of Compassion ministry and Global Ministries are working with our partners in Haiti and Cuba, and with Disciples regional staff and churches in Florida and the Carolinas. We are able to act quickly because we have long-term relationships with people in the affected areas. As a church, we know who to call and what to ask, and we have people on the ground to be our eyes and hands and hearts.

If you have been wondering how to help, I have no hesitation in recommending that you make a donation through Week of Compassion. You can do that through their website ( or by putting a check in Sunday's offering designated "Hurricane Matthew" in the memo line.  As our Week of Compassion partners remind us: storms know no borders, and neither will our love.

And on Sunday we will lift up our children -- in Haiti, Cuba, the southeast U.S. and everywhere -- as we observe Children's Sabbath.