On Sunday in worship, I shared a word that several of us in the congregation have learned through our work with IndyCAN, the Indianapolis Congregational Action Network. “Sawubona” is a greeting of the Zulu people in southern Africa exchanged on a daily basis which means, literally, “I see you.” The reply is, “Sikhona,” which means, “I am here.”
On several occasions at IndyCAN gatherings, we have taken the time to look one another in the eye one at a time, and exchange that greeting, Sawubona, and Sikhona.  It’s been a powerful experience that has helped us see beyond the physical to the dignity and humanity of the person. The greeting encouraged us to let go of preconceptions and judgments, and to see the other person as God created them. We found ourselves wondering more about one another, and noticing more as well. We’ve felt, if just for a moment, more tightly bound together, more interdependent.
As we approach the election on November 8, and more importantly, as we live together in this congregation, city and country from November 9 on, I hope we can continue to make an effort to really see one another – not as Trump or Clinton supporters, Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians, not as us and them, but as children of God, beloved and precious.