World Communion Sunday

I want to take this opportunity to alert you to a couple of things (of many!) that are coming up in the life of our congregation.
You have heard about, and some have participated in, the phone banks that are taking place at our church every Monday evening leading up to the election. These phone banks are sponsored by IndyCAN, our network of congregations that is working to bring about more equality of opportunity in our city. We’re calling people to urge them to support the referendum on mass transit, believing that getting to work, or school, or the doctor, or church is a key factor in people’s wellbeing.
The phone banks are also part of a longer term strategy to increase our power as a network of congregations. When elected officials know that an organization has the capacity to reach tens of thousands of voters, they tend to listen more!
Not many people I know enjoy receiving calls from people they don’t know, let alone making them! However, I want to invite you to join me for ONE phone bank, on Monday, October 10, 6-9pm. It’s not too painful, and it does have an impact. I’m hoping we can get a few dozen Central people together to make calls. Will you be one of them? Please email me if you’re willing and available.
Closer at hand, World Communion Sunday is this week, October 2.  This is one of my favorite Sundays of the year, as we celebrate our connection with people of faith the world around. There is ONE family of God, also known as the human family, of which everyone on earth is a part. Divisive rhetoric is so prevalent these days, and I find myself longing for messages that lift me above the fray and remind me of the bigger picture. World Communion Sunday is such a message, and I hope to see you there!