Dear friends,

For the four weeks of Advent we have been waiting, hoping, and expecting. Now the time has come to celebrate that the HopePeaceJoyLoveChrist for which we have been waiting is here – still, and again! God does not go away and come back each Christmas. God is with us always. The ritual of Christmas allows us to remember and relive each year the reality of Emmanuel, God-With-Us, in a particular and focused way.
We will celebrate this reality as we gather in the worship services listed above. Some of you are traveling or otherwise occupied – please know that we are together in spirit as a community of faith and action. As we sing of “the hopes and fears of all the years,” we comfort one another and strive to reach out in support of others. As we sing of “God’s love made visible, incomprehensible,” we stand in awe of the divine mystery and attempt to reflect outwardly this inconceivable gift. As we sing of “joy to the world,” we dare to rejoice that strength and power and truth and grace are found in unlikely places – like babies, and us.
May the deep and rich blessings of Christmas be with you, each and all!