It’s been a weird week.

Dear friends,

It’s been a weird week.
On Sunday I lost the notebook in which I write everything related to church. Everything – notes from meetings, tasks I need to complete, dates and locations of surgeries, and on and on. I might as well say I lost my brain.
On Monday we lost email at the church. It was somewhat restored on Wednesday but has been veeeeeeery slow since then.
After a lot of frustration initially, I came to accept that this simply would not be a productive week by normal standards. And there was a gift in that. An early Christmas breather, a whisper to slow down and wait for something to happen.
I’m sorry if I missed anything important from my notebook or my email, but I’m thankful for the reminder that production is not our only – or even our highest – priority. I wish for all of us some moments to slow down and breathe.
Hope to see you on Sunday when we will gather as a community to slow down and breathe in love.