Thanks for Thanksgiving

Dear friends,

What a wonderful and numerous crowd we had in worship on Sunday, and at our Thanksgiving meal afterward. Many thanks to our guest preacher, Whittney Murphy, all of our worship and music leaders, the great crew led by Dawn Barnes that hosted our meal, and our storytellers Gina Cerimele, Aly Barnes, and Clark Williamson.

The "numerous" aspect of Sunday's gathering has us thinking about seating in the sanctuary during Advent, when typically we have more people in worship. We are exploring some options for adding chairs, and also want to encourage you to move to the middle of the pew, leaving places on the aisles for latecomers. If you need to be on the end, that's fine -- but please be aware of people who are arriving and invite them to step past you. In terms of parking, remember that you may park in the Goodyear parking lot (north or south of their building) or on the streets around the church.

What a great "problem" to have that our pews are filling up! It is a great joy to share the gospel and community with more and more of our neighbors. I'm thankful to all of us for our part in extending a welcome to those we don't yet know.