Jesus invites us to go on a journey – we call it discipleship.  It is both an inward and an outward journey.  It’s meant to form us more into the image of Christ through the disciplines of study, worship, prayer, service, and generosity.  It’s also intended to strengthen us as powerful agents for the good that God is doing in our world. In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus sent the disciples on a mission – to reveal the Realm of God through their actions.  Today we are disciples with the same mission.  As Jesus spoke to them, he speaks to us now. As they were sent, so are we.
This mission is about extending the blessing of health and wholeness to all of creation, because we are certain that this is what God desires.  The world is broken and hurting. More people in the world need a community like Central, and the world needs more people to be part of this kind of community so that they can positively impact the world. We are agents of grace, on a journey that makes known the generosity of God.
Our faithful financial stewardship is one way we work against the powers that harm and divide.  Our generosity funds the mission and ministries of Central and the broader church. We have begun Journey in Community as a preparation for determining our investment in the ministry and mission of Central.  We will conclude on Commitment Sunday, May 14th. I hope you will be with us, not simply to offer your estimate of giving card, but also to join us for a lunch celebration following worship on the 14th.
God has done, and continues to do remarkable things through us and with us – things that matter in our community!  Your prayers and your participation are key to helping more people experience true community inside these walls, in our neighborhood, and across the world. We know that when the early church gathered, they did so with glad and generous hearts and that there was no need among them (Acts 2).  We desire such a spirit of true community to be among us. 
Thank you for walking alongside me on this journey, in this community. 
Linda McCrae