Central Christian Church, Indianapolis

Position Description for Church Administrator


Central Christian Church engages in its particular Christian witness under the following statement of mission:
Celebrating the unconditional welcome we receive from God through Christ, we join together in worship, community and witness to wrestle with deep questions of faith,

  • to grow in love for God and one another,
  • to confront oppression and injustice,
  • and to extend God’s boundless hospitality to all.

Central Christian Church is a theologically progressive, socially active, Open and Affirming congregation that values its congregational diversity, including family structure.

Position summary: The Church Administrator’s primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of church business throughout the year, from developing organizational processes to managing the church’s communication program to supervising some consultants and office volunteers. Additionally, the Church Administrator has general responsibility for providing administrative support to pastoral staff and church leaders. The Church Administrator should reflect the values and commitments implicit in Central’s mission, express care and compassion for the many people and organizations that use the building, and work well with the pastoral staff and volunteers.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Qualifications: The Church Administrator should have administrative and managerial experience, be a systems thinker who can develop and maintain operational policies and procedures, be proficient in digital communication tools and trends, have experience with church and/or volunteer organizations, and have working knowledge of accounting principles. The Church Administrator will need to be proficient in, or able to learn quickly, Microsoft Office 365 (especially Word, Excel and Publisher), Windows 10, Facebook and other social media, and proprietary software, CDM+, Sharp copier and various printers. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Desired qualities: This position requires someone who is respectful and helpful to the many people and organizations that use the building and make inquires, including congregational members, neighbors, staff and the other members of the public. This person needs to be able to receive and respond to multiple requests and tasks simultaneously, while also exerting enough respectful authority to develop and maintain new policies and procedures that will update and streamline the church’s operational life for the sake of its mission. This person will need to be able to meet deadlines, possess supervisory skills and be able to address conflicts in a forthright and fair manner. She/he must also understand the nature of working with volunteers. She/he should possess the quality of flexibility in response to unexpected situations. Finally, this person needs to be comfortable with all manner of digital communication including websites, e-newsletters, social media, email, apps, etc., and comfortable with the changing and experimental nature of digital communication.


Areas of responsibility:

Operations. Central Christian Church is in a period of significant growth which requires efficient operational practices to maintain that growth. Currently the church operates more informally through shared memory of policies and procedures and word of mouth. A primary area of responsibility for this position is to develop, communicate and then maintain more robust policies and procedures for office and business practices as well as some congregational ministries, while not losing the relational nature of the church. The Church Administrator will work with the pastoral staff and church leaders to achieve this, but will be the lead staff member on the effort. Additionally, this position must maintain a high degree of confidentiality and integrity in processing sensitive and confidential information.

Communication. Collect all information for the weekly e-newsletter, execute the layout, and distribute it. Maintain the church directory and mailing lists for all communications including the e-newsletter. Work with the pastoral staff and church members -- Communication Team – to expand the church’s communication efforts internally and externally using social media (primarily Facebook) and the church’s website. Work with the Communications Team to keep the website updated. Answer phones and church email when volunteers are not scheduled to do so. Respond to requests from neighbors who come to the church for help, when volunteers are not present to do so. Ensure communication of events and programs. The Church Administrator will be the lead staff member on communications.

Administrative Support. The church administrator runs the day-to-day operations at the church. Collect all information for the weekly worship bulletin and inserts, execute the layout and print it for volunteers to fold. Maintain attendance records and member/visitor information. Compose and send correspondence upon Pastors’ request. Maintain and disseminate the official church calendar, including scheduling rooms. Attend regular staff meetings. Support church officers, trustees, elders, deacons and the Ministry Coordination Council team leaders through the sharing of pertinent news, reminders and printing reports. Order and track office supplies. Attend General Board meetings and provide clerical support for it. Other duties as requested.

Financial. Coordinate procedures with church volunteers who count and deposit the weekly offering and other income. Record and pay invoices and requisitions according to good accounting practices. Maintain accurate bookkeeping records. Prepare checks for signature. File sales tax for the Thrift Shop. Provide payroll management and distribute compensation. Produce reports as requested. Work closely with the Finance Team and Treasurer to provide staff support.

Logistics. Be aware and support the movement of people through the building, including outside guests who rent space monthly and those who use the building for one-time events. While the facilities manager is the point person for people/organizations who rent and use the building, the Church Administrator will help the facilities manager as needed, including coordinating building maintenance and ordering janitorial supplies if that assistance is needed. Maintain parking lot records. Ensure sanctuary is prepared for Sunday worship (or help a volunteer to take this responsibility). Tend to building issues with the facilities manager when issues arise. Help with the logistical needs of new ministry projects, especially those piloted by the Vision Implementation Team (VIT).

Supervision. Supervise the Facilities Manager who works as a consultant for the church. Supervise and organize all office volunteers and other volunteers as requested. Office volunteers may include receptionists (phones, walk ins), finance volunteers, and bulletin folders. Additional office volunteers may be needed for other tasks as well.

Small groups. Assist pastoral staff in the logistics of organizing, publicizing and managing small group ministries throughout the church.

New member integration. Assist the pastoral staff in developing and maintaining an efficient/clear and flexible/compassionate process for helping new members and friends to the church find their way into the full life of the church.

Benefits and expectations: This position is a year-round, full-time, salaried position averaging 40 hours per week. Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm is the standard schedule. Benefits include a portion of health care insurance premiums, pension through the Pension Fund of the Christian Church, paid vacation and holidays off as designated in the employee contract.


Interested individuals can submit a cover letter, resume and references at:  info@indyccc.org.