Central’s Leadership Team

Moderator  Mary Hays

Mary Hays

Vice Moderator  David Licht

Vice Moderator
David Licht

Treasurer  Brian Senninger

Brian Senninger

Senior Pastor  Linda McCrae

Senior Pastor
Linda McCrae

Assosciate Pastor  Luis Gierbolini

Assosciate Pastor
Luis Gierbolini

Ministry Team Leaders

Communication  Erin Leraris

Erin Leraris

Community   Dawn Barnes

Dawn Barnes

Discipleship  Pam Senko

Pam Senko

Finance  Elaine Brunner

Elaine Brunner

Physical Assets  Doug Fox

Physical Assets
Doug Fox

Spiritual Life  Judith Wray

Spiritual Life
Judith Wray

Witness Team   Jennifer Riggs

Witness Team
Jennifer Riggs

Worship  Linda Bush

Linda Bush

VIT Rep  Robin Miner

Robin Miner

Elder Rep  Dave Miner

Elder Rep
Dave Miner

Deacon Chair  Christina Presley

Deacon Chair
Christina Presley

Trustee President  John Williams

Trustee President
John Williams

Who’s Who on the Witness Team

There are many other components of the Witness Team. Below are some of the more high-profile, and regularly occurring groups.

Thrift Shop   Marcia Phillips

Thrift Shop
Marcia Phillips

Food Pantry   Jean Brandenburg

Food Pantry
Jean Brandenburg

Green Chalice   Mary Schilling

Green Chalice
Mary Schilling

Justice Network  Carolyn Higginbotham

Justice Network
Carolyn Higginbotham

Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance  Steve Martz

Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance
Steve Martz