Living with Change and Loss

The one thing that is certain in life is that things change.  And with every change, there is loss.  Sometimes our losses are traumatic.  When someone we love dies, the loss can be devastating.  When we lose a job we are often disoriented.  When children leave home the silence in the house can be deafening.  Loss is real even when we choose to make changes. If we decide to move to a new home or a new city, the losses of what we value may be too numerous to count.  When we choose to change marital status, the pain can be deep. When someone or something disappears, we grieve by learning to live well in the absence.

Central Christian Church has experienced several losses recently.  Individuals have suffered painful losses of family members, health and jobs.  You are invited to come and explore how grieving losses well can open us up to new life.

Gather with us for 4 Sundays (October 22-November 12) after worship to explore together how to live well in the midst of change and loss. Dr. Dan Moseley, Central member and author of “Lose, Love, Live: The Spiritual Gifts of Loss and Change," will be leading the discussion.