Activate Advent Musical Elements

Activate Advent Musical Elements The different seasons of worship allow us to experience the Divine in unordinary ways. Sometimes those experiences are comforting, like a favorite song or carol, and sometimes those ways are uncomfortable, like extended silence allowing ourselves to focus on our prayer. Sometimes, the experiences inspire us or excite us. Music is often a huge part of the thin spaces that we experience with God. During this summer’s General Assembly festivities, I was inspired by the opening of worship every evening. The percussionist of the band played a rousing beat on several types of drums. It was earthy, and resonated in every cell of my body. It inspired me to cheer a hearty, “Amen!” and to set my heart on what was before us: worship. That experience inspired me to plan a special “introit” to worship for the season of Advent. Each week during Advent, we will begin the service with a drum circle. Many of you have experienced this type of music making before. I hope to offer a bit of the overwhelming feeling of spirit and joy through this. Each week, we will have a leader to help walk participants through. Any participant should plan on meeting in the sanctuary at 9:45 each Sunday you can participate. If you have your own percussion instruments, please feel free to bring them. If not, we have a few available for your use. Anyone who would like to play is welcome to come! No previous musical or drum experience necessary.
~Danielle Hartman