Annual Planning Event

Who:   Team leaders and YOU!
What:   Annual Planning Event (APE)
When:  This Sunday, 12-3pm
Where: Community Room downstairs

What is APE? APE is a time for our ministry teams to evaluate the past year’s activities and plan for the coming church year. You do not have to be a member of the MCC or any of the ministry teams to participate. In fact, the more voices the better. And your attendance in no way obligates you to work on any of these teams. We just want a variety of voices to be heard during this planning process. A light lunch will be provided along with a nursery for those requiring it, and high school aged youth are invited to participate.

You will choose from the following teams to brainstorm, dream and plan:

* Worship—helps plan and carry out all aspects of worship on Sunday mornings and throughout the week

* Spiritual Growth—helps with spiritual development, offers resources to help persons with spiritual disciplines, and it may organize prayer groups, Bible studies, etc.

* Community—helps strengthen the sense of community within the congregation, invites others into the community, and provides fellowship opportunities, orientation of new members, etc.

* Witness—helps us reach out in advocacy and compassion to help others from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth. It deals with justice, mission, and stewardship of God’s creation.

* Physical Assets—helps with all aspects of building management and upkeep along with the Facilities Manager.

* Finance—helps with all aspects of financial management, including accounting, money management, donor records, budget processes.

* Volunteer (Discipleship)—helps develop volunteers and leaders in the congregation, helps recruit volunteers as needed by team leaders and others, and helps integrate new members into Central’s ministry.

* Communication—helps share information effectively, takes care of in-house and public communications, signage, the web site, etc.

Please join us to help us dream and plan for this growing, vibrant church!