Who Me? An Activist? Standing with the Undocumented

Who Me? An Activist?
Standing with the Undocumented
Sunday, March 5, 12noon - 
The Central Justice Network will gather this Sunday after worship in the Community Room (downstairs) to continue our conversation about embracing an identity as an activist. Sayra Compos from the Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance (IUYA) will be our guest. She will share with us facts about immigration and stories of our undocumented sisters and brothers. We will explore the complexities of immigration policies and how they are enforced, including the relationship between federal, state, and local governments. We will also talk with Sayra about how we can be effective allies.

Our workshops are now being sponsored by a Thrivent Action Team grant, which will cover the cost of our lunch and any additional supplies we need for our work together. 

Programming will be provided for youth in 5th grade and above; a nursery will be provided for little ones.
Contact: Carolyn Higginbotham, justice@indyccc.org