Summer Bonfire Social Saturday, August 18th

We are hosting an end-ish Summer Bonfire for ToT, really with anyone. It's my understanding that Christine and Kevin Orlowski will be heading off to Ohio at the end of the month, school is gearing back up for some of us, my wood pile is pretty healthy right now, and we just like parties. All great reasons to have Bonfire Social.

When: Saturday, August 18th. Any time after 6:00 PM.

Where: Sean and Genisee's home, 30 some minutes south of the church.
             4023 Cedar Hills South Dr.
           Greenwood, IN  46143

What to bring: Sean and Genisee have the protein (meat and vegetarian options)      and dessert covered. 

You bring a side, beverage(s) of your choice, and a camping/lawn chair. Feel free to bring an outdoor game that you think people would like, we have lots of space. Also, bring the right attitude to give our excitable puppers belly rubs. 

Who is Welcome:
I guess this is a ToT thing, but this is an open invite. Kids are welcome, but childcare is not being provided. 

 Please RSVP with what/who you're bringing so we can account for food. 

Contact Sean at: (317) 517-7703 or  

Genisee at:  (619) 454-3584 or