Musical Response to Sermon - 3/17

Zach: I wanted to go for more open tones and fewer dark notes, less dissonance, to fit the optimism at the end of the sermon.  The whole day for me was very open and inclusive.  Some of the darker notes were from the comments about troubles of the last week.  The service and the sermon made me want to keep it tonal and beautiful.

Kent: I was sad for David and worried about him.  The sermon was emotional, with the ambulance and Linda’s words about enemies and reconciliation.  I spent most of the improv listening and following.

Roger: I was so worried for David and Jenny, and I also had a strong sense of how much I miss making music with Zach.  At one point, I found myself holding an A with Zach, which was the note that he and I tuned the orchestra to for years, and I had to drop out, since I was about to cry.  I let him and Kent play the rest of the improv without me after that.  I just stood there and felt my sadness and let Zach and Kent’s beautiful playing wash over me.