Sermons: Past and Future

Here you will find links to pages where you can listen to and download the Sunday sermons. There are also links to the Bible reading that will be used for the next week's sermon. You can read the passage, see some comments on it by members of Central. You can make comments yourself, either about the text or in response to the reflections. To reply to a comment, move your cursor to the far-right side of the comment author's name next to the "Like" heart and the "Reply" button will appear.


Weekly Sermons

This is where you can listen to previous week's sermons or download them. If you wish to listen on your computer, phone or tablet, click the arrow to the left of the sermon title.  You can also download the sermon for later listening by clicking the "Download" prompt to the right.


Weekly Scripture Conversations

Back by Popular Demand: Sermon Text Conversations

During the season of Lent in 2017, Central started a project designed to engage as many members and friends of Central as possible in conversations about the Bible texts on which the upcoming sermons would be based. Every week, at least 3 persons were invited to write a short personal reflection on the text. By Lent of 2019, over 150 persons from Central had shared one or more reflections about a scripture text. Almost without exception, writers expressed their gratitude for the challenge and the opportunity, even though they may have initially been reluctant to write something.


What a rich resource we created! Published weekly on Central’s website under the Worship/Sermons tab, the conversations about the sermon text were helpful to Pastor Linda in sermon preparation, enhanced the discussions in the Lectionary Bible Study Class every Sunday morning, and provided devotional preparation for worship for many members who read the conversation weekly.


When the project was paused after Lent 2019, the loss was significant for some. “Bring it back!” was the call. So the Spiritual Growth Team responded. Bonita Braun, Karen Estle, or Grace Gyori may be inviting you to contribute a short personal reflection in the weeks and months to come. We are starting all over with the list of members and friends and plan to invite as many of you as possible in the next couple of years. If you don’t want to wait for the invitation, feel free to give your name and contact information to any one of them. Please consider their invitation to be an invitation from Spirit to expand your spiritual horizon, as a gift to yourself and to the entire congregation. I predict we will all be blessed by your yes!


You can find the Sermon Text Conversation for September 1, 2019, the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, at There you can read the text, Luke 14:1, 7-14, and reflections on it by Bonnie, Luke, and Win. You may also respond to theirs or add your own reflection on the text. Expect to be surprised by Spirit and by community!