Sermons: Past and Future

Here you will find links to pages where you can listen to and download the Sunday sermons. It also has links to the Bible reading that will be used for the next week's sermon. You can read the passage, see some comments on it by members of Central, some of whom are Bible scholars but most of whom are lay people who take the scripture seriously. You can make comments yourself, either about the text or in response to the first reflections. To reply to a comment simply move your cursor to the far right side of the comment author's name next to the "Like" heart and the "Reply" button will appear.


Weekly Sermons

This is where you can listen to previous week's sermons or download them. You can put the downloaded files into your MP3 player or phone to listen at your leisure. If you wish to listen on your computer, phone, or tablet click the arrow in to the left of the sermon title.  You can also download the sermon for later listening by clicking the "Download" prompt to the right.


Weekly Scripture Conversations

Are you ever curious about the scripture texts that become the foundation for the sermons that Pastor Linda preaches? Every Sunday morning, at 9:00 a.m. a few Central folk gather together to study the Bible together, specifically focusing on the text from which Pastor Linda will be preaching that day. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Service as the heart of faith – especially service to children

How do you live out your faith? How will someone watching you know that you are a follower of Jesus? Who is the greatest among us? These questions are not new. The writer of the gospel of Mark invites us to watch the disciples and to consider our own actions. Judy, Starnekia, and Jay have bravely offered their reflections on Mark 9:30-37, the sermon text for September 23. We are invited to consider the children--and our interaction with the children--as a clue to what it means to  be faithful. The answers may not be as simple as we would like. Check out the text and the conversation on Central's website and add your own reflection as you prepare to hear the sermon next week. Are you up to the challenge??

The Gospel of Mark keeps challenging us: lessons for the living of these days!

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, Pastor Linda will be preaching from Mark 9:38-50. To start the conversation about this text, Kay, Robbie, Allison and Michael reflect on how we treat ourselves and how we treat each other. Check out their reflections on Central's website. Listen for the wisdom in their words, such as: "What are my stumbling blocks—especially the ones I may have created for myself?" or "Allow each person to love, follow their own journey, respect each other, grow in faith—then you are not sinning and you will find the peace of God." or  "Putting our own wants and desires above all else can place a barrier between us and our relationships with others and God." or "I have learned to open my mind and heart now to allow Jesus to provide the comfort and answer I need." The full text of their reflections can be found on our website under the Sermons tab.