Sermons: Past and Future

Here you will find links to pages where you can listen to and download the Sunday sermons. It also has links to the Bible reading that will be used for the next week's sermon. You can read the passage, see some comments on it by members of Central, some of whom are Bible scholars but most of whom are lay people who take the scripture seriously. You can make comments yourself, either about the text or in response to the first reflections. To reply to a comment simply move your cursor to the far right side of the comment author's name next to the "Like" heart and the "Reply" button will appear.


Weekly Sermons

This is where you can listen to previous week's sermons or download them. You can put the downloaded files into your MP3 player or phone to listen at your leisure. If you wish to listen on your computer, phone, or tablet click the arrow in to the left of the sermon title.  You can also download the sermon for later listening by clicking the "Download" prompt to the right.


Weekly Scripture Conversations

Are you ever curious about the scripture texts that become the foundation for the sermons that Pastor Linda preaches? Every Sunday morning, at 9:00 a.m. a few Central folk gather together to study the Bible together, specifically focusing on the text from which Pastor Linda will be preaching that day. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Engaging the Text in Community

A personal note from the editor of  Central's Sermon Text Conversation Project

As a trained biblical scholar, I have learned to value listening to the scriptures through the lenses of many different perspectives. Each of our life experiences shape how we interact with a biblical text. And in order to hear the fullness of how the Spirit may be speaking to the Church, we listen for insights from places we might not expect. Lay or clergy, trained or untrained, scholar or fledgling inquirer--each brings something different to the conversation, and each is important.

So I invite you to engage the Psalms in new ways as Pastor Linda and our worship team lead us in explorations of the Psalms this summer. This week, consider the reflections on Psalm 1 by Bill, Keith and Marti on Central's website. You may add your own reflection to theirs as you prepare to hear the sermon on June 3. Come to worship prepared to be surprised by Holy Spirit as we engage the Psalms together.

In anticipation of blessings, I look forward to ongoing holy conversations.

Judith Hoch Wray