Until further notice, monthly Taizé services at Central Christian Church have been canceled. See below for a schedule of other services offered in Indianapolis.

Taizé prayer services are offered in Indianapolis on Sundays by the following churches at 5:00 pm:

 2nd Sundays
Trinity Episcopal Church (3243 N. Meridian)
  3rd Sundays St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (100 W. 86th Street)
  4th Sundays
North United Methodist Church (3808 North Meridian)

Mid Week services with UIndy and University Heights UMC (4002 Otterbein Ave.) on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.

For more information about Taizé in the Indianapolis Area, join the Facebook group Taizé in Indianapolis.

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What is “Taizé?”

Taizé is an ecumenical monastery community in France that was founded in the 1940’s during World War II as a place for worship, prayer, and community for all Christian denominations, and as a place of refuge for those fleeing the Nazi regime. The community strives for communion among all Christians, and of all humanity. People of all languages and denominations make pilgrimages to Taizé for prayer retreats.

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The Music

The goal of Taizé music is directed toward prayer. The music of Taizé grew out of a need to provide meaningful and prayerful music accessible to all visitors of the community. Repetitive songs use different languages and simple musical elements to promote the inner unity of the person and genuine prayerful expression. The repetitive structures with short musical phrases and easy to sing melodic units make Taizé accessible to all people, while the use of different languages, including Latin, helps equalize the language barriers for all involved.

The Silence

Taizé services usually include a long period of silence  (Around 10 minutes at Central).  The words of Brother Roger, Taizé’s founder, sum up the importance of silence in prayer. “Although God never stops trying to communicate with us, God never wants to impose anything.  Often, God’s voice is heard in a whisper, in a breath of silence.  Remaining in silence in God’s presence, open to the Holy Spirit, is already prayer… If, with a childlike trust we let Christ pray silently within us, then one day we shall discover that the depths of our being are inhabited by a Holy Presence.”

For more information about Taizé and its ecumenical community, events and brothers, click here.