In February of 2016, Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Indianapolis was recognized as a Green Chalice Congregation, joining with other Disciples’ churches who are celebrating God's creation and adopting practices to faithfully care for the earth.  

Our journey toward becoming a Green Chalice Congregation began in October of 2015, when we hosted a Green Café, the pilot workshop developed by the Green Chalice Ministry of the Indiana Region. After having completed several preliminary steps for recognition, including signing the Green Chalice Covenant, we chose three changes to put our commitment into actions.

The three actions chosen for change were:

1. Enhance recycling capabilities by adding containers to locations within meeting areas around the building and investigate onsite cardboard recycling.

2. Create, or facilitate, ongoing creation care displays and events.

3. Investigate ways for having greener food and fellowship.

Living into being a Green Chalice Congregation is ongoing and can take many different directions. Focusing on our actions for change has helped keep us directed.

Green Chalice Covenant

As children of God and followers of
Christ Jesus, we covenant to
Worship God with all creation and
pray for the healing of the earth.

Study the climate crisis and
engage others in climate solutions.
Repent and forgive for the harm
we have inflicted on the earth that
sustains life.

Advocate for ecojustice public
policies and witness by living
sustainable lifestyles.

Rest in God’s good creation and
invite others to delight in nature.