Central has two primary leadership groups, the General Board and the Ministry Coordination Council.

General Board

The General Board focuses on matters of policy. It is composed of the elected officers of the congregation, representatives from the deacons, elders, and trustees, and the senior pastor.

        Vice Moderator

Deacons, elders and trustees are also elected positions and serve three-year terms. Each year, six deacons, six elders and three trustees are selected to serve on the General Board.

Program Council

Comprised of the moderator, vice moderator, treasurer, pastor, team leaders of each of the ministry teams, the council serves as the program planning group for the congregation.

Worship Ministry Team

Working with Pastors Linda McCrae and Luis Gierbolini and our Minister of Music, Danielle Hartman, the Worship Ministry Team focuses on enhancing the worship service as well as providing Worship and Wonder for children ages 3 to 2nd grade.

Community Ministry Team

Charged with facilitating the well-being of Central's community this team works to connect with people. This team plans events, trains and schedules greeters and fellowship hosts, and strengthens personal contacts inside the church and within the wider community.

Witness Ministry Team

This team helps the congregation reach out in advocacy and compassion to help others from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth. It is responsible for ministries of justice, mission, and the care and stewardship of God's creation.

Spiritual Growth Ministry Team

This team is charged with helping the congregation in its spiritual development (collectively and individually) and offers many resources to help persons with spiritual disciplines. It shares responsibility for stewardship education with the Finance Ministry Support Team.

Physical Assets Ministry Team

This team is charged with helping the congregation with all aspects of building and its financial management. It is responsible for decisions about building usage and building upkeep. 

Finance Ministry Team

The Finance Team works to ensure appropriate financial oversight in handling our donations, income and expenses.  The Finance Team guides the budget process and, along with the Spiritual Growth Team, oversees the stewardship campaign for the congregation.  

Volunteer Ministry Support Team

The Volunteer Ministry Support Team plays an integral part in the work of the church as it develops the necessary volunteer leadership to assist in programmatic development.

Communication Ministry Team

This team helps the congregation communicate in broad terms while sharing effective information both internally and externally. The Communication Team is responsible for the congregation's website, Facebook page, interior and exterior signage and many others.