Electronic Giving Available

If you are someone who doesn’t always to carry cash or checks, and would like a way to give to Central using your phone, computer, or tablet, then this is for you! Central has entered a new era: the age of anytime, anywhere giving. We are now signed up with Givelify, which is a mobile giving app for churches. This will be available beginning Sunday, December 4th!

The Givelify app can be found on the AppStore for iPhone and on GooglePlay for Android.

Givelify gives you a beautiful, easy giving experience. There are no frustrating web forms or text-to-give codes to memorize. Even better, it’s free to download and use. It’s totally safe and secure, and for tax time you have one-tap access to your complete donation records.

Want to see how it works? Watch the demonstration video that shows you all about how to make and track donations. Gifts to Central can be made through Givelify starting December 4th!

Central’s website and Facebook page will also have links which can be used to give from your computer or tablet.  And, if you’d like to continue to make a gift using cash or check, those options will always be available, too.

Please contact Elaine Brunner (elainek26@hotmail.com) with any questions.