Activate Advent - Saturday December 2; 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Activate Advent Visual Elements In keeping with our theme "Be Not Afraid," visual art elements for Advent this year will be bright, fun, even celebratory. The idea starts as a reference to colorful Latin American street fairs. Week by week the sanctuary will be festooned with large paper sculptures, similar to piñatas, in red, green and purple, as well as “papel picado” which are colorful pieces of paper with cut-outs, (similar to prayer flags.) Even on a year when we are trying to be positive and focus on not being afraid, we like to include a way for the congregation to express their prayers, thoughts, etc. that become part of the fiber of the art work. There will be strips of paper each week in Fellowship Hall for everyone to write thoughts and prayers on which will then become part of the piñatas. In addition, there will be colorful pieces of paper inserted weekly in your bulletin so you can write more personal prayers or concerns. These will be turned into the papel picado which will hang above us. Your personal thoughts and prayers will be an important part of the artwork, but will remain private. The artwork will culminate on Christmas Eve! ~Chris Tower